1. Supervise the operation of human resource management Faculty of Medicine

2. Prepare an annual budget request and control the human resource budget to be in accordance with the plan.

3. Smash the personnel development of the Faculty of Medicine / University personnel development scholarships and other scholarships

4. Request to allocate the university staff rate framework for academic fields and operating line

5. Academic workforce rate analysis and operating line (main)

6. Personnel management (Adjust base salary for all types of university employees)

7. Prepare information for finding heirs for Faculty of Medicine personnel

8. Advancement of University Employees (Main) Operations

9. Retirement of Faculty of Medicine personnel

10. Prepare JD-JS information of operations personnel.

11. Prepare various information quality assurance of the Faculty of Medicine

12. Evaluation of operational performance in 2 assessment cycles with a summary of the score (main)

1. Requesting for an academic position

2. Promotion of salary for civil servants, permanent employees and university employees’ wages

3. Assessment of academic performance

4. Nomination of various directors of the university

5. Recruiting outstanding personnel

6. Information of personnel working for 10 years, 20 years and 30 years

7. Discipline/Complaint fact-finding

8. Various certificates

9. Report on late arrivals

1. Prepare the agreement information and the academic performance evaluation form. and operating line

2. Evaluation of operational performance in 2 assessment cycles with a summary of scores (secondary)

3. Proceed to request royal decorations

4. Welfare work of the Faculty of Medicine and sent the children of personnel to attend Srinakharinwirot University Demonstration School

5. Renewal of government service and hiring someone with special knowledge as a teacher

6. Prepare agenda – Minutes of the committee meeting to screen the operations of the departments.

7. Prepare projects and work on personnel development of human resources

8. Summary of Operational Power Ratio Analysis (Secondary)

9. Advancement of University Employees in Operations (Secondary)

10. Taking care of collecting workload, Job Description of Faculty of Medicine personnel.

1. Conducting university recruiting for academic subjects

2. Request to change the conditions of employment of academic personnel and request to change the position of operating personnel

3. Prepare documents to increase qualifications in the history registration and adjust salary according to qualifications

4. Prepare the affidavit of the agency and leave for further studies/training/work trips in the country and abroad

5. Prepare agenda – Minutes of the Faculty of Medicine personnel management committee meeting

6. Applying for leave to go abroad by using leave and not counting as leave

7. Propose approval for personnel to attend meetings/trainings and seminars, both internal and external departments.

1. Carry out the recruitment of personnel in the operating line. university staff university employee University employee (daily)

2. Requesting for an extension of the employment contract for academic staff of the university and operating line

3. Prepare letters of acceptance to be special lecturers, speakers, and committees to perform various missions.

4. Prepare agenda – report on funding for personnel development of the Faculty of Medicine / scholarship for personnel development of the university and other (main) scholarships

5. Request for a change in academic personnel history and practice of the Faculty of Medicine

6. Prepare and summarize all types of resignation requests. of the Faculty of Medicine

7. Accepting internship students to work within the Faculty of Medici 

8. Summarize and store quality assurance data reports. of human resources

1. Prepare information and reports on all types of leave of academic personnel. and operating

   – Check the offer of leave / take care of all types of leave systems

   – Applying for parental leave without salary/wage

   – Requesting leave for religious ceremonies

   – Report all types of leave information accompanying performance appraisals and summarize the information sent to the university

2. Summary of leave information for academic personnel (Submit to the Medical Center) to support the disbursement of compensation

3. Check and submit the time attendance of the operating personnel of the Faculty of Medicine.

   – Report information on the late work of the operational personnel

4. Check the work sign of academic personnel Faculty of Medicine

5. Receive-send books within and outside the agency

6. Take care of the preparation of the history file. and search for personnel history information (In case of permission)

7. Other tasks as assigned

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