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Neurodegenerative Medicine

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A Neuronal Protein That Is Involved In Various Degenerative Disorders Such As Parkinson’ s Disease. This Study Tested Whether Melatonin Can Attenuate The Effect of AMPH On The Expression Of A-Syn In The Dopaminergic Pathway Of The Neonatal Rat. Again, Melatonin Lowered This Immunoreactivity. These Results Indicate That Melatonin Has A Direct Or Indicate Effect In Reducing The Expression Of A-Syn In The Postnatal Rat.


Liver Fibrosis/Cirrhosis


Liver Fibrosis/Cirrhosis Is Consequence Of Chronic Liver Disease Characterized By Replacement Of Liver Tissue By Scar And Regenerative Leading To Loss Of Liver Function. Cirrhosis Is Most Commonly Caused By Alcoholism, Hepatitis B And Hepatitis C, And Fatty Liver Disease, But Has Many Other Possible Causes. The Main Aim Of Our Study Is To Prove Whether Some Medical Asian Herbs E.G., Alpha Mangostin From Mangosteen Pericapes , Has A Potential Role to Protect And/Or Treat Liver Fibrosis And Cirrhosis In Term Of Structure And Function. In Addition, Our Research Is Also Focusing On Affected Organs After Cirrhotic Condition Such As Lung, Intestine, Brain And Testis.


Cell Biology

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Acne Valgaris Is The Most Common Skin Disorder With The Chronic Inflammation Of Sebaceous Follicles ByPropriobacterium Acne.   Researchers Found Strong Anti-Bacterial Properties For Both Gram-Negative  And Gram-Positive Bacteria In H. Asinina Hemolymph. Therefore, This Research Project Aims To Prove “Whether Or Not Abalone Peptides Have A Potential For Acne Treatment. This Cell Base Experiment Is To Prove Anti-Bacterial Effect And Anti-Inflammatory Effect Of Abalone Extracts.




Biological Clock




 Our research is focusing on the influence of melatonin and clock genes on circadian rhythm and memory processing. Melatonin can regulate clock gene expression and increase memory by time-dependent. The hippocampus, which has a crucial role in learning and memory, shows circadian rhythmicity in pathways central to the memory consolidation process. These findings raise the questions about how it integrates and temporarily sustains new memories amid a backdrop of circadian rhythm. Moreover, we are also curious about the effect of aging on clock genes expression and memory processing as well as whether melatonin administration could improve age-induced changes in the hippocampus.




Induced pluripotent stem cells 

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Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated stage of the cells that are able to differentiate into specific cell types. In general, stem cells can be isolated from the adult tissue so called “adult stem cells”, the embryos so called “embryonic stem cells.In addition, stem cells can be generated by conversion of adult cells into embryonic stem cell- like stage so called “induced pluripotent stem cells”. Here we focus on improving the culture condition for derivation of xeno-free, transgene-free human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs). These hiPSCs can be a powerful cell type for drug discovery and cell based therapy in the new future.